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Rhett Uhland Music

Since May 2017, I have been managing the social media accounts for Rhett Uhland Music. Rhett is my cousin and an aspiring musician. He is currently based near Amarillo, Texas. I have increased the Facebook following by 208% and have built the Instagram following to nearly 900 followers. 

I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee with Rhett while he was recording his first album, attend most of his concerts and events, and manage the promotion of his events and new music. My goal with this client has been to tell his story as he has grown from a small town, high school student to a college student and musician. 

Using Facebook and Instagram, I have targeted audiences in southern Colorado and the Texas panhandle where the majority of Rhett's events are. I have also used hashtags to target record labels and producers for country music.

Colorado Mills, LLC

In August 2018, I began work as the social media manager for Colorado Mills, LLC. Colorado Mills only had a Facebook account, so I created an Instagram account and began my mission to grow the online following of this company. Colorado Mills has two main products: cooking oil and livestock feed. My target audiences include livestock owners around Colorado, as well as restaurants and chefs throughout the United States. 

Colorado Mills is a family-owned, zero-waste company with locally sourced products. Colorado Mills is also a founding sponsor of the American Master Chefs' Order. I have been telling this story through social media and the promotion of these products and this company.

Sunnies Naturals

Sunnies Naturals is a new company under the ownership of Colorado Mills, LLC. I created accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to promote this new skincare and beauty company. It has proven to be challenging to build an audience for this type of company, but I have stayed true to my goal of telling the story behind these local products.

This strategy has worked well since natural and locally-made products are something that many consumers are shopping for. The products have recently become available in retail locations in eastern Colorado, and my goal has been to boost sales for customers in that geographic location.  |  719-691-5185

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