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This is a Public Relations Plan for my client, Rhett Uhland Music. Rhett is an up-and-coming independent country music artist from Eads, Colorado, a small town in the southeast corner of the state. Rhett graduated from Eads High School in May 2017. Since then, he has been attending college at West Texas A&M University in Canyon, TX and working to make a name for himself in country music.


In October 2017 and January 2018, Rhett traveled to Nashville, TN where he recorded eight of his original songs that appeared on his debut album, "Always Coming Home." That album was released on April 27, 2018. Prior to the release, I created a public relations plan for a class assignment, which you can view here. Though this began as a class assignment, I have been doing this type of work for Rhett since May 2017. 


This Public Relations Plan is in support of his new album, "Hands of Time." Rhett will begin the recording and production in May 2019 in Fort Worth, TX and the album will be released on August 17, 2019. Included in this Public Relations Plan are:

  • Written Communications Plan

  • Comprehensive Press Release

  • 2 Event Plans

  • Fact Sheet (One Sheet)

  • 20 Social Media Posts

  • 2 Slideshows/Videos

Fact Sheet (One Sheet)

Social Media Posts

Social media use is a key element in this public relations plan. It has been Rhett’s strongest promoter since the beginning, and together, we have developed a strong and engaging group of followers for his various social media accounts. Although I post on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter regularly as well, Facebook has been my primary focus for this plan. My main reason for this is that the Rhett Uhland Music Facebook page has more followers, and more active followers, than any of the other social media platforms we use.

Although it can be hard to reach diverse audiences on Facebook, this is the platform that is used by nearly everyone, regardless of demographic. Facebook is also the most practical for a wide variety of posts, including photo, video, no character limit, event creation, business pages, and has the ability for people to contact Rhett or myself directly and quickly.

It’s important to post on social media frequently to ensure that your audience sees and interacts with posts, but it is also important to post them at the correct times and not so frequently that the audience gets annoyed. In my written plan, I included a weekly social media calendar that I created based on research and experiments with social media posts. Although the timing did not always work correctly, I gave my best efforts to follow this calendar in order to maximize audience engagement on social media.

Below are some examples of the Facebook posts I created and posted for the Rhett Uhland Music Facebook page. A few of these posts are promoting upcoming events where Rhett is performing, others are strictly for audience engagement, and others are in support of the upcoming album release. Each of these posts were created by me and I own the copyright to each photo and design element.

I wrote captions to accompany each image when posted on Rhett's social media accounts. Throughout the campaign, there will be additional posts in support of the album release and other events. Additional posts include photos of the recording session, statistics after the album release, and photos and videos from the album release parties.


I created these videos with music from Rhett's prior album, "Always Coming Home," since production on the newest songs is not finished. The first video is aimed to tell Rhett's story as a musician. I almost always carry a camera, but pictures of musicians aren’t usually the things people want to see. However, I personally love these pictures and I believe that they represent my client well. Since I also have the files to the songs that Rhett recorded in Nashville, I was able to use the very first country song he wrote as the soundtrack to this slideshow.

Not only will this video make those that know Rhett smile, it will help the rest of his audience get to know him a little better. It also gives the opportunity for his followers to hear a song that he has not yet released, and the pictures with it give it a new emotional appeal. In the end, I chose this element to add to my public relations plan simply because I feel that it showcases the person Rhett is. He is not just a farmer, he is not just a student, he is not just a musician. I think it is important for followers to know who my client really is, and exactly what makes his story special.

The second video is one I created to accompany Rhett's song "Freedom Will Always Ring True." The purpose of this video is for a Veteran's Day tribute, since this is a patriotic song. This video will be shared on social media on November 11, 2019.  |  719-691-5185

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